What We need from you

In a word – feedback!  We'll be testing all aspects of the DiscoveryEngine experience and this is your chance to help shape what it will become.  You will receive periodic emails containing surveys and other means for providing feedback to us.  Tell us what works, what doesn’t and what we could be doing better.  We really want you be a participant – silence tells us that something is not working for you but it’s not as helpful as your feedback.

about data

We hope to obtain data in a number of areas: user demographics and preferences, user experience feedback and, of course, Discovery ratings.  The data that we gather will be used to verify the general principles that underlie DiscoveryEngine and to refine the overall user experience.

We will make best efforts at all times to keep user information and data secure. We only use platform and service vendors with well-developed security measures and all data will be fully anonymized, except for internal DiscoveryEngine purposes.

These data are for the exclusive use of DiscoveryEngine. We will not sell or otherwise transfer ownership of the data to anyone else.  In selected cases, we may provide data to trusted third parties for analysis, however we will only provide data in anonymized form.


To participate in this test, you will need only a browser (and Internet connection!) and an ORCID identifier.  If you don’t yet have an ORCID ID (and you really should!) – don’t worry, it’s easy and free to get and we’ll take you to the place where you can get one.

There is no direct or implied agreement of non-disclosure associated with this test – in fact we hope you tell everyone about DiscoveryEngine!

While we will always keep your data anonymous, you are free to share any or all ratings that you generate.  We have included links that will allow you to share your ratings via email, Twitter, and Facebook - and we hope you will do so.

non-non disclosure 

We understand that DiscoveryEngine will need to have robust anti-gaming measures in place to ensure that the data gathered is accurate and useful.  For the time being, however, we have only limited safeguards in place and we ask that you respect the purposes of this test that you do not circumvent them.  If we feel that you are attempting to game the system, we reserve the right to discontinue your access to DiscoveryEngine.

about data integrity