DiscoveryEngine is a non-profit corporation with a mission to benefit science and scientists by providing meaningful insight into research quality, trends, and future directions.

Recognizing that much of science is publicly funded and that the benefits of research should accrue to all, the operations of DiscoveryEngine will be guided by three core principles:

  • Independence – DiscoveryEngine is a non-profit enterprise, beholden to no single individual or institution.  A key objective will be to establish ongoing revenues that allow the organization to be self-supporting while also retaining this independence.
  • Integrity – All operations of DiscoveryEngine and especially those related to data management and security will be organized and constructed with the objective of ensuring the highest integrity and reliability.
  • Transparency – To the extent that it does not conflict with matters of independence and integrity, DiscoveryEngine will seek to maintain a policy of free and open access to its data and services.

DiscoveryEngine benefits from its affiliation with Brown University which provides administrative support and other resources to the project.



Christopher Moore

JKA Headshot.jpg

John Armstrong

Naveed Jooma

Board of Advisors

Bonci 2.jpg

Antonello Bonci
Scientific Director,
National Institute on Drug Abuse            

Bruce McCandliss
Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, Stanford University                                    


Nathan Wilson
Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Nara Logics

Cornelia Dean
Distinguished Lecturer, Brown University and Science Writer, NY Times

Hemai Parthasarathy
Scientific Director, Thiel Foundation and Breakout Labs                                            

Douglas MacFadden
Chief Informatics Officer,
Harvard Catalyst                                       

Robert Prior
Executive Editor, MIT Press